Thursday, January 6, 2011

A new year

First and foremost, happy new years!!!!
 I am happy its a new year because I am ready for a new season, a fresh start. Last year wasn't my best year. I gotta do better is all I see and hear. My question to everyone is why didn't you do better last year? Oh is it because the numbers on the calender has changed?? Well I am not here to fuss, I am here to drop off my thoughts. Here they go.... I feel so great in the inside to the point where I don't miss the old things that I use to do. I mean yeah some of the things that I use to do was fun but yet not doing them is even better. I am making some changes not because its a new year but because its time for me to change alot of things about myself. Am I ready for this journey? Yes I am ready for it. I am more then ready for it. I am glad that I have the chance to even say that I am ready for it. I am just realizing that alot of people will not be ready for my change but I don't care. If it cause for me to let alot of people go because of my change then so be it. I am not about to sit around and let no man walk all over me and use me when they want to use me and put me to the side when they are done. Nope not me not today or the days ahead. Either your with me or your not. I am COMPLETELY tired of the same ol b.s. that takes place day in and day out. Oh you need to watch what you say and do. Well, what about you? Oh you can't answer that can you! I am tired of the mess! If it's not their way then its nobodies way. I am going to just start to give them the same thing they give me. You get what you give hands down. You give me a cold shoulder you hardly call or text me then be prepared for me not to call or text you but don't get mad about it because you did it to me first. I am done chasing after clowns. I don't need that mess forreal and I believe you can agree with me. I may have a smile on my face but yet when I say that I am done, thats what I mean. I am done playing your games. You refuse to play mines then what's the point of me playing yours? I am sorry I haven't blogged in a few days. So I have some stuff bottled up in me right now. I am happy for this life that I am living because I shouldn't be living it but yet at the sametime I am not about ot deal with the b.s. from every and anyone. I am starting not to trust alot of people because if their b.s. Question: who talks to someones boyfriend whom they met through you and they just stop talking to you all together but yet they are all in when it comes to your man? I see your games that your playing. I see the cards that you are trying to play with. Yes, it's time for me to cut alot of people off again. I hate fake people who smile in your face then when your not around they become on nickname basis with your boo. Who do you think you are? My own momma don't call him by his nickname so why are you doing that? Yes, I messed up by sharing somethings with you and believe me it will not happen again. I learned from that mess. You are becoming to comfortable with things now and back to giving you the long stick is what's going to happen. I don't trust you not him but you. So trust me the next time me and you talk it just and will only be a hello and good bye and not even that depending on the way I feel now. Like I said before I see you! One thing I was told to do was watch people and their actions towards you. If they change just out the clear blue then you know they are up to no good. If they always want to know if you are doing bad then you know whats coming next. Yeah, we was friends but I am going to have to down grade you for the level that your at. Your doing too much and I can't take it anymore. Ha, yeah I am so serious. Enjoy your life, because I will enjoy mines.