Monday, December 27, 2010

A thought......

Hey, have you ever took a minute and actually listen to the things that comes out of your mouth or sometimes the mouths of others? Alot of us needs to get it together. We have a problem with saying things at the wrong time, sometimes we say things at the right time but the wrong way. I hope so far you can get what I am saying. We as people spend so much of our times looking for people to co-sign is off to the the point where we are stuck when we have no one around to help us decide on things. One thing I've learned in 2010 is not just how to actually love give no without regrets but moreso that 2 people can look at the samething and see something totally different. I've learned that no matter how much you seek out to find that you and someone is totally different all you can do is continue to come up with things that makes you realize what really matters the most to you. I love my life, I love those that are in my life. I mean I really love it. Why? because I am learning for me to make it to see God, I am setting my own standards to love by and no one else. I realized that if I live by your standards I will not be happy with me, but if I do things according to me then you know what I gotta be happy or well more acceptive to the things that happen at the end. Ha, its funny how some people give advice and no don't get me wrong I am not knocking no advice because not all advice is bad, but sometimes we come aross that 1 person who always what to help you or try to block you from getting hurt but yet at the end of the day, the expected pain is worse then what you realized. We say things and we try to block people from the hurt but we need up hurt. Sometimes a soft word can go along way. I short and sweet reply like a soft ok to someone expressing to you how they see you acting don't always take for you to argue back to get your point across. You have to remember that you may not see your actions, but someone does. They may say that you changed but yet at the sametime you may feel as if you haven't. We argue about too much stuff for no reason. We use too much time mad then we do actually happy or hating on people. Stop hating and start to live your life. 1 of the things that really bugs me on so many levels is when people tells me that I am not doing something according to their standards, and sometimes I don't say nothing out lud but in my mind I find myself saying thats the reason why I am not doing things your way because thats your way thats they way you do things thats not for me to do because if it is then trust me I  willbe doing it and I will be happy doing it. I hate when people try their best to block me from the road ahead. Yes, it may have been rocky for you, but keep in mind that was your road not my road. Things might have changed while traveling down that road that you just came from. I might see another route to take. I might not even make it down there. Learn how to stay in your lane and drive your own car! No, I am not mad I am just saying speaking on whats on my mind. I know alot of times we think its in use to look out or to tell each other what to do and when to do it but yet there is a time and place for that. Sometimes you have to learn and right now I am talking to the parents when to let your child go. You have to learn that although they may not be ready to you but there comes a time when you have to just let them go. Thats why alot of parents and their children do not have a strong relationship with their children because at some point when they needed you the most you was their but yet you was said the wrong thing or maybe your approach was wrong. You want to be real with them but yet you can't be real yelling at them nor telling them what they shoud do. If there is a huge pot whole at the end of the street don't yell at me telling me not to go down there because 1 thing thats going to happen is I am not going to focus on the road I am going to become too busy with you. So as I bring this to a close, I must say that we say people need to stay in our own lane.

Love ya for reading.....

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