Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Where do I start? What should I say? Do I let him know how I feel or do I just keep things the way they are? Oh my goodness this man, I mean really y'all this man has my heart and I wonder if he really know how bad things are killing me right now. Yes, I know I messed up. I walked away but things wasn't suppose to last this long. I mean how can I stand outside the store looking at something that was once mines. I mean is love suppose to hurt this bad? I love him!! I love that man so much!! I never once LOVED a man the way that I love this one that I am watching now. It's like standing here watching your favorite thing be burned the more you want to jump in and save it the more you can't. He asked me if I would be his friend and I said yes. He told me to say 'I love you' to him and I did. Now I wonder if he realized that I meant that from the bottom of my heart. I am going to be honest and agree with my parents.... Real love comes around only one time and the bad part about it is that it waits for no one. In order to be loved and to get the love that your heart wants is going to cause for me to do some stuff that's going to make me step back and ask myself if I am dreaming. Like pride comfort zones GONE!!! Wow!! I love that man and I wonder if he knows that? I wonder if he know that that's the reason why I just can't let him go. NO, I can't move on/ I can't go and build a home nor a house at that with someone else. No I just can't do it. That's some pain that I refuse to go through. I mean WOW!!! I love him and want him back and I wonder if he would ever get a chance to see all that I have to offer him. Now that's real talk!!!

Until next write... Remember follow your heart and all your dreams will come true.

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