Saturday, March 5, 2011


Sitting here with so many thoughts that's currently rooming about in my head. I don't know where to be start at meaning the process of trying to pull my thoughts together. I ask myself am I "super saved"? Am I the only one going to heaven? Ha, I know I know I am not but alot of times we gotta sit back and ask ourselves that when it comes to our lives. I am irritated to the point where I don't want no one to talk to me. Here I am Lord, please take my heart and my mind. I am unworthy to even be considered Your child. I am not perfect, hey the only one that is Perfect gave His own life for someone like myself. How wonderful is it to be able to have a God like the one that sent His son let me back up that came down to earth and wrapped His self in flesh all to just die that we might have a right. I am like wow. So many times we take so many things for granted and not even 2nd guess nothing. We become so quick to catch an attitude, we're so quick to turn our nose up at  each other and for what? We try to fit in with the small or large crowd only for us to get our feelings hurt. Ha, don't you dare try to sit there and say that your too old to be trying to fit in. Sorry, honey that's apart of our DNA its in us. LOL funny right yeah the truth hurt. Look also if your the one that has caused some drama in your life don't get mad at everyone because they are happy. Didn't nobody tell you to do what you did. So look how about you try something and that is called letting go of the past. How can you expect for God to bless you if your holding on to yesterday. You don't want that blessing I sure will take it. Lord, you don't even have to wrap it up and make it look pretty I'll take it how it is. As people we sure do have away of dealing with people. For example we would leave a church that we really love only to visit the church and act "funny". We would put on when the people come around. Please just be yourself. I challenge everyone that's reading this blog to just take 3 days to just be you! I am talking about go without the things that your friends say look good on you, you know the things that you don't like but yet you have it because everyone else likes it. If you always have a complaint about something trying smiling and just letting things float right by you. Umm.... I believe that's what its trying to do anyway. Get out of it's way. If your the one that's always looking for a co signer, try signing things on your own. There is power in you and you'll be surprised about the amount that's there. This past week with everything that's been going on with me, I realized that my life couldn't be anymore better then what it is now. I am learning to wait and I mean WAIT on the Lord and while I am waiting on the Lord I am being BLESSED yes BLESSED on many levels. Stop walking around with your face all twisted up your only making yourself look bad. Lose the attitude because your life isn't going right. When you get home go off but out in public smile you never know who is looking at you.

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