Thursday, July 7, 2011

My heart

My heart.... He stands around 6'2 and weighs around alot of pounds..... Tall.... Dark... Yeah that's what he i. When he walks it seems like he is walking on clouds, not too heavy and not too light.... His dress would even make you want to pull out your dress... Hey what you think this is? I don't mess with no bum!!! When he speaks it melts away my pain... Until he gets mad and it puts little ole me to shame. He gives good love, no I don't know what you mean so please don't say it because those are our things. When he hugs me... Goodness letting go makes me break down. His arms is where I get lost only for me to look into his eyes and to see that finding my way is something that would never happen. He gave me his heart only for me to mess over it and like a fool that's what I did. We was happy until the drama came, thought we could get through it all until the last around. Things got hot and things hot heavy.. Oh you think I am talking about sex child please I'll never tell you that. He let me walk only for me to look behind and not see it come after me this time around. I love him and I let him go away and now the only thing I can do is let go because him coming back would be like the hell with AC. I love that man but the same man I love so much I hurt so bad. We're just alike was what one of his close friends told me only to wait things out and let God work the plan.. But yeah that sound all good and what not but I we have a life plan being apart wasn't the plan. The haters came and they saw. I wouldn't put it past some to try to take what was mine. It kills me to know that he is hurting and its makes me take that last breath when he said I couldn't help him. All I want is that second chance but patience is something that I don't have. Nights I cry myself to sleep hoping that once just once in his arms I can wake up to be. Running is what he want me to do but not back to his arms but away from him. Real love just don't go away, it takes its sit on the side to let you get in some play. I love my heart he is as stubborn as stubborn can be, he is strong in every way the others would never be. We been through alot a few times before but things would never be the same is what the voice has told me. So no I don't walk away to make him happy. I maintain my position waiting for him to get the picture. Don't run and don't hide the seed is there waiting for you to help me water it. But this pain it kills because my heart he will always have. The one he loved is back for good but he is too wrapped in his ways to see that she is here waiting for him. Be honest and true to me is what he last said to me but when I try attitude comes from the hid. Can't speak to when your mad because things will not get better. I know your thinking about me everyday and night because I am doing the same when it comes to you. I will not cry and I will not act out another chance is all I a girl want. I love you and I don't want you to forget... I love you from the way you brush your hair to the whole in your socks. She'll never have you because your heart is with me. So we can try to move on and see but at the end of the day both of our minds will be on thee.....

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