Saturday, July 9, 2011

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While watching TV the other night I heard someone say that it's time out for the hype sayings that is often said in church on a daily and ir made me think about it. Alot fo times many people would get up and preach on nothing about sayings that they made up while walking into church or heard on the way in. When will we realize that the sayings are the Word of God and that believing in those sayings will get us no where but a nice sit in hell. Never was I the type to do what eevryone was doing. I was always told not just listen to what someone tell you but actually hear them because you can listen and that don't cause no attention on your behalf but hearing what they are telling you cause for you to pay attention. Come to realize that alot of people say things in hopes of you not hearing what they say. We need to take out the pride that is in us and can it right along with our fears. Everyone wants to be holy give a listening ear and help those but never do we want to get help nor do we want to help those that is crying out for some help. We help who we want to help. I asked the question before what do you do when the covers are removed from your life? How do you react when God shows you how your not perfect and you have made some mistakes here and there. We never want for God to reveal who we really are but yet we are so quick to act fake when we feel like it and normally that happens after God has blessed you to recieve a Word and after you have cried out and asked God to forgive you and to change you for the BETTER. Every wants to be saved but no one wants to take on the cost of being saved. I realize not only is it dangerous for us to be some fake saints but it's moreso dangerous because you never know who your entertaining. The word says be careful of how you treat stangers because you might be entertaining an angel unaware. I took that word and I read in between the lines because I know that God has away of using people. So I don't just say be careful of the way you treat stangers but moreso be careful of the way you treat people period. You never know if they was that test that God sent your way and you walking pass them acting all fake and super saved and not speaking could be that ticket to keep you out of hell. Alot of things run through my mind right now because God has allowed me to see so much to the point where it makes me sit back and really re-adjust my life to the way God wants me to live it through him. I realize that everyone isn't meant to know about your personal life. Everyone isn't meant that inside look into your life like that. Not saying that you have something to hide becasue if you did then God will reveal just that plus more. But what gets me so upset about things is when I see a Pastor becoming too common with his members. Yes, it is good to know your members and its good for them to know their Pastor. However, it is not good for your members to have that always never closing open too open door type of relationship. I don't want my Pastor to call me by my nickname during service after service outside and inside the church. I don't want him to even know my nickname and I don't want to his nickname. I know that everyone that fills the church isn't there for church. Some are there to get what they need to destroy you. Thats why I do believe why alot of drama happens with the Pastor and his church because he becomes too common with his people. A lack of respect tends to take place. You can be there for them but that one moment when your not there for them its smoke in the city. We don't look at the true danger of it until something to happens but later after its all over we're back to being common... You know chilling at the members houses or they are chilling at our house. Next we fid ourselves telling the members things about us that we don't want or mean to tell anyone. Thats irritates me like never before because I know hoe dangerous it is to become common with the memebrs of the church. May would say that the memebrs of the church are their family because their real family is never there for them but what a minute lets pause for a minute.... The reason why you REAL BLOOD family isn't there for you is because your never there for them in return. The only time your there for them is when you need them and after you get what you need your gone. I know how it feels to have evry last secret told by someone that said they love you and was there for you. In which takes me to my next point. Call me mean ir wrong but Pastor's need to know when to mind their own business. The reason why your Pastor is so common with you is because he don't have no business of his own. Think back to this when your Pastor had his own business hanging with you wasn't int he picture until he felt like it. But now when your Pastor is down on his or her lucks they want to be around you 24/7. Let me go on record and explain what I am saying. I am saying there is a line that one no should cross from the Pastor to the child. Alot of times the reason why so many things happen to the church is because if that. Every member wants to be able to go to their Pastor but however they don't want to always look up and see their Pastor at their door step. Men and Women of God we need to learn how to stay in our own lanes. A great Pastor knows when to go to his people. I am not going off on no one. I just sharing my thoughts. So many things bother me now days. Maybe thats because I am back and I realized that these are the things that I never wanted to deal with but how I am back I must share my thought. I am not mad at anyone but these are things that bother me and I realzied that with research that I am not the only one that feel this way. The reason why the Pastor has so many problems out of his members is because he has become too common with them. The reason why alot of people fall out with the Pastor is because they think that the Pastor their friends. Never in the description of a Pastor would you see that it says it is ok to be common with the members of the church and to become their friends. Even downsouth in the old days when the members cooked for their Pastor it wasn't to become close to the Pastor. They did what did as a sign of taking care of the Pastor. Their is a difference in taking care of the Pastor and being too friendly with him. This really makes me upset because this is dangerous because alot of people suffer from this because when hurt takes place its hard to heal no matter what and church hurt iis the worse hurt. I wish that we as children of God would learn how to maintain our positions.... From the Pulpit to those that stand on the door. Your so common with your members Pastor to the point where when its time to honor you its always a sad month. People don't want... well I don't want and I can fidn some people that can agree and say that they don't want a Pastor that is like a friend but someone to guide them help them and moreso teach them the word of God because the first moment that they(the Pastor) mess up the people will look at that. People want a cool Pastor but not a best friend Pastor. So lets wake up while we are trying to take our cities and etc back and get back to the days where the Pastors preached adn teached the word of God and gave a listening ear when it was called. Not the day when he is like our best friend because those that we get close too or allow God to get close to us just might be the ones that is out to take what you have. My prayers goes out to the churches and people that has went through that I just expressed in this blog. I pray that God would heal them and remove the walls that was put up. I pray that the Pastor's be giving strength like never before.

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